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Radon Licensing and Tag System

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The lawsuit against the Commissioner of Health, concerning the Minnesota Radon Licensing Act (MRLA), was dismissed by a district court judge on February 20, 2020. MDH is moving forward with implementing the residential mitigation licensure requirements under the MRLA and its associated rule. In the near future, MDH will provide additional information including deadlines for obtaining licenses and tags, and instructions for how to proceed if you hold a measurement or commercial mitigation license.

If you conduct residential mitigation, please contact us prior to applying for license.  Contact us at 651-201-4601 or

To view your existing radon license applications, please log in and then select "View Applications" from the "Licenses" pull down bar above.

To renew your license, go to the home page.  Click on your name.  Click on your license number on the summary page.  The blue “apply for renewal” button is in the “license status” box.

Make sure is on your safe list or check your spam box to make sure you are getting emails.  

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